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1996 Ford F350 Xlt


Vehicle Details

Year of Manufacture
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Fuel type
I'm not saying this is the nicest OBS F350 for sale in CA, but it's gotta be pretty close.  I love this truck and have always loved these generation Fords.  My dad had a 1992 Bronco and I think that's what did it.  That being said, this rig is not right for my family at the moment so it's time for somebody else to get the best truck that Ford ever made.  It's a 96 so there's no smog requirement and everything is mechanical so you can actually work on this in your driveway... AND ACTUALLY BE SUCCESSFUL.  This truck also has an OBD II port (all previous years didn't I believe) which makes it even easier to maintain.  It's not Bro'd out or chopped up and you don't need to be 6'9" to get inside of it.

The truck runs great, shifts clean and tows like hell.

The motor is stock except for the K&N cold air in take.  It has a Hydra Tuner so there's plenty of excess power if you want it.  I've primarily used the Hydra tuner when I'm going through the drive through with the kids (whisper mode!) or in economy mode cuz I've found that the stock setting has plenty of pulling power for my needs.

The exterior of this truck is 9/10.  The interior is 9/10.  If you take age into account I put the exterior and interior at 10/10.  There are standard small scuffs and marks that I think you'd expect on a truck of this age... but trust me it looks GOOD.  You'll be able to drive this away and take it to a downtown car show and have people stop to see it.  The truck is a total head turner and I get asked about it all the time.

There are a few imperfections (a cracked trim piece, scratch on the bumper chrome, etc) and I've taken pics of the most noticeable of these for you to see.  None of it is major and when you look at the truck in person in its' entirety you won't notice it.

Everything is in perfect functioning condition except:
-The front fuel gauge (I start on that tank, drive 200 miles and then switch to the rear)
-Rear driver side tire is axle is missing a lug (The tire shop didn't get a the lug in in time so I just had them put the hub back together.  The truck has individual lugs so it's not hard to replace them; I'm just strapped for time with the kiddos)

1996 F350
235,xxx miles; it'll go up cuz I drive it.
Manual Locking Hubs
20 inch rims
325/60/R20 Trail Hog tires (essentially 35 x 12.50) with plenty of life left
LED Bulbs
New Glow plugs a few months ago
Tranny Replaced at 180k by prior owner (no paperwork but the guy was super straight with everything else.  come drive it and you'll know)
Window Tint throughout cab
2.5 inch Sky Rear Shackle Kit with leveling setup
Upgraded Tranny Cooler
Bilstein Shocks
Hyrdra Tuner
Clear Head Light Upgrade
Folding Ball GooseNeck Hitch
Camper Tie Down Brackets
Husky Floor mats

Vehicle Location

Livermore, CA United States

Vehicle Condition by Seller

Excellent mechanical condition. Looks new.
Number of keys: 2+
No one has smoked in this car
Engine OK
Suspension OK
Air Conditioner OK
Brakes OK
Tires OK

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