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2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 High Roof


Vehicle Details

Year of Manufacture
Sprinter 3500
High Roof
Rear-wheel drive
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Fuel type
BLUETEC 3L V-6 diesel direct injection, DOHC, intercooled turbo, diesel, engine with 188HP
This luxurious 2011 Pleasure-Way has had many upgrades and improvements to ensure ease and satisfaction whether it is just being used for travel or as a mini-home on wheels.
Fully equipped with a shower, toilet, full kitchen and king-sized bed that converts back and forth into seating with the touch of a button. 
It has 129,000 miles on it and is a diesel which means it should last over 500,000 miles.
The old-style decals have been removed and the van has been polished and waxed so it looks like a new Pleasure-Way.
All improvements possible have been installed to make it drive smoothly and safely and to eliminate all the sway and rocking that comes with a 10 foot tall, 22 foot long vehicle. That includes Sumo Springs front and back, new Koni adjustable shocks all around, and TWO anti-sway bars. The factory original sway bar has been replaced by a beefier one, and an ADDITIONAL sway bar has been added in front of the rear axle differential housing.
No more white-knuckle driving. It truly drives like a car even on windy highways. It drives better than the newest Pleasure-Ways because Mercedes won't let them beef up the suspensions without voiding the Benz factory warranty. Over $13,000 has been spent on improvements making this van the ideal cruiser (see list in photos). 
At no additional cost, I can include my Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station (valued at $1600) to give you all the extra power you need to charge devices with ease and use kitchen appliances such as a blender with no problem.
The old 120v Dometic A/C has been replaced with a 12v Mabru so you can drive with the cabin roof-top unit on without using the propane generator. A license-plate mounted video camera that feeds a rear-view mirror mounted monitor has been installed to make parking safe and easy. Also installed is a TIREMINDER bluetooth-enabled system that lets you see the tire pressure and tire temperature of all 6 tires (it's a dually) on your smartphone as you drive. It can detect slow leaks before they become a problem. It also has the new Maxxfan Delux with remote installed in place of the original fan.
A brand new apple car play/android auto with touchscreen navigation has recently been installed as well.
There has also been a custom-made bench that sits in between the front 2 seats that can have many different uses. It looks great and was custom made to match the original interior ultraleather. It can be included with the van if you'd like or removed. I liked to use it as extra storage space below and a bench to place snacks while I drove. It can also be used as a dog seat so your fury friend can ride up front comfortably with you and receive pets as you drive.
I have a lot of kitchen utensils and equipment I can include with the van if you'd like or everything can be removed if preferred.
This van has been the perfect companion to take me along all of my adventures and if it wasn't for me moving out of the country I would be holding onto it for many years but it is time for me to let someone else enjoy all this van has to offer after all of the love that has been poured into making it such a special and amazing camper van and sanctuary on wheels!

Vehicle Location

Long Beach, CA 90803, United States

Vehicle Condition by Seller

Very good
Excellent mechanical condition. Has minor cosmetic defects.
Number of keys: 2+
No one has smoked in this car
Full service history
Engine OK
Suspension OK
Air Conditioner OK
Brakes OK
Tires OK

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